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id:1 Title:Electrical safety Date:10-07-2010
Short Detail:electricity in & around the aquarium

The modern aquarium would be lost without electricity; from the lighting, heating, air pump & filter to name but a few of the items regularly found in and around the aquarium, all essential for its smooth running.


It is said that the ‘volts jolt’ but it is the amperage that kills. A person can survive a 50,000 volt shock (say from a police tazar stun gun) as long as the amperage is VERY low. It takes a mere 100ma (0.1 of an amp) to stop your heart. A typical Residual Current Device (RCD) found in modern homes is set to trip at 30ma.


We should be under no illusion that electricity in and around the aquarium is a killer. Wet skin being a far better conductor of electricity than dry skin means extra precautions must be taken when dealing with electrical appliances near your aquarium. It is a fool hardy aquarist who plunges their hand into an aquarium full of water and then adjusts their electrical appliances!


However tempting it may be to “just adjust that power head”, any prudent aquarist will always safely disconnect the electricity supply FIRST. If you have not already got a RCD to interrupt the electricity supply in case of fault, a simple plug in versions available from all leading DIY stores is a wise investment and an essential part of any aquarium set-up.

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