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314th August 2013August news 
307th July 2013July News 
296th June 2013May News 
2830th April 2013April Newsletter 
274th January 2013Jan 2013 News 
2610th December 2012December news 
254th November 2012November News 
249th October 2012October news 
2328th August 2012September meeting & ASAS Show 
223rd August 2012August news 
219th July 2012July News (rain, more rain!) 
204th April 2012news in brief 
191st March 2012March News 
184th February 2012February News 
1714th January 2012January News 
165th December 2011December Meeting 
1513th November 2011November news 
145th October 2011October news 
139th August 2011August News 
1212th July 2011July meeting etc 
117th June 2011news in brief 
1016th May 2011May meeting 
95th April 2011April Newsletter & Show Info 
88th March 2011March News 
711th January 2011January News 
67th December 2010December News 
58th November 2010november news 
48th October 2010October Newsletter 
310th August 2010August news 
230th June 2010July news 
12nd June 2010June newsletter